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Islamic Rah-e-Rast is the brain child of Dr.M.Mahmood Rafiq.
He has a long interface with the disease of drug addiction and experienced first hand the disease management and rehabilitation facilities scattered all over Pakistan. He also traveled and worked in Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan (founded the English language chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous in Tashkent in ’95).
The years 2001 & 2002 found, Dr. Mahmood Rafiq communicating with professional colleagues and teachers from earlier days, focused on devising a treatment & rehabilitation program and facility that would ensure complete and permanent transition of Pakistani Drug addicts from sick to healthy/positive socio-moral contributors to Pakistani society.
He managed to find equally eager supporters of his theory.
1.Dr. Farrukh Lateef
2.Dr.Aamer Mirza
3.Dr. Humayun Mirza
4.Dr. Nouman Saeed
5.Dr Munawar Rafiq
6.Mrs. Asima Andaleeb(clinical psychologist).

It was a mutual conviction of all, that;
the treatment & rehabilitation philosophy of Alcoholics/Narcotics anonymous, as stated in the 12 step program advocated by “AA” & “NA” is perfect for inducing the belief of “absolute abstinence from drug abuse”; yet insufficient to support lifelong sustenance of absolute abstinence within the frame work of Pakistani society.

This opinion was fortified by each professional’s lengthy personal experience of witnessing the repeated failure of the Western psycho/social remedy (12 step program) in turning hard-core (Pakistani) drug addicts into productive/positive, socio-moral contributors to Pakistani society.

The incongruity between the social values of the society that founded the 12step program (western) and the Pakistani society was the concluded cause
In June 2002 Dr.Mahmood launched the project of “Islamic Rah-e-rast” in unison with the above mentioned personal friends and colleagues.
The premises, 101,102 Jaffar Town were bought by him with his own funds…the villa was altered and renovated to accommodate a drug treatment & rehabilitation facility; meanwhile the group formulated a philosophy that would furnish lasting sobriety to drug addicts of Pakistani societal background.
The basic principles that formed the  foundation stone of the devised philosophy was derived from the time-tested 12 step program of AA & NA ; however the traditional religious principles of Pak society were made an integral part of the “daily routine and practiced etiquettes” to be preached and taught at the facility. So that the Muslim addict would learn the significance of absolute abstinence from the 12 step program and then maintain it permanently by practicing the time honored principles of social and personal piety as preached by ISLAM.

The beginning of the month of February 2003 saw the completed building for the facility. Dr. Mahmood Rafiq gave his property, 101,102 Jaffar Town on lease to the organization charging no rent for the first 6 months ,commencing from the 1st of February 2003. The opening ceremony was advertised in a single newspaper, namely “Islam”.

The opening ceremony was chaired by “Mufti Hameedullah Jaan” : Head mufti of Jaamia Ashrafia Lahore, on the 30th of March 2003, attended among others by the Honorable Mr.Tahir Butt; retired pioneer of the Pakistani Social Welfare Department.
Dr. Humayun Mirza was elected the “Medical Director” due to his seniority, vast experience in treating drug addiction and due to his unique academic profile studded with training for treating drug-addicts  received from World Health Organization, United Nations Development Program and South Asian Harm Reduction Workshops in Pakistan and abroad.

Starting from the first of April, the treatment team of “Islamic Rah-e-Rast” was subjected to a 40 day intensive training course.
From the 1st of April to the 24th of May 6 patients and their families were treated for drug addiction and co-addiction respectively.
Two of the 6 patients treated were ex-patients of Dr. Humayun Mirza and some other members of the “Islamic Rah-e-Rast” treatment team, treated by them many times in  various other treatment centers that follow the “AA”/”NA” philosophy merely.

The magnitude and depth of positive change in their perception patterns and behaviors when treated at /by “Islamic Rah-e-Rast” philosophy were categorized “exceptionally /extremely /unbelievably good” by their families and Dr. Humayun as well as other members of the treatment team who had treated them in the past
. “Islamic Rah-e-Rast” is resolutely striving for Eradicating the disease of drug addiction from patients and the associated negative psycho-social effects of the disease on the non-using family members (co-addicts), as well as the Pakistani society.

The book titled “Drug addiction---disease, treatment & cure” written by Dr. Mahmood Rafiq shall shortly be available to readers all over the country…Urdu edition first and English edition to follow. It shall enhance awareness about the disease and encourage the ailing to seek treatment. Islamic Rah-e-Rast is also developing a treatment and rehabilitation centre exclusively for female patients. Presently their female patients are accommodated at rented facilities in Lahore.

101,  Jaffar Town;
2 Km. Raiwind Road,

LAHORE: Tel.0092-42-5300187     Cellular. 0092-301-8419461

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